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Dream Meeting

“I can’t believe you,” I whispered loudly at Durian as a steady stream of unexpected and, sometimes unintelligible, guests streamed through the Victorian front door and disappeared into the foggy house. For a few seconds I held onto the anger, nodding at faces I recognized as they passed. He wasn’t looking at me, so I […]

Mirrors Everywhere

The first month was the hardest. She sobbed for hours at a time, felt pangs in her heart when she looked at the curb of a sidewalk, and everyone had the same uncomfortable expression when they looked at her. The counter was quiet and empty. She would reach for the phone to text him before […]

Behind the Curtain

“Nope, I can’t do it,” he groaned, pacing in front of the wall-sized mirror and pulling at his face, “I just, nope, no, no, can’t. Just can’t.” He was fluffing up the back of his hair and wrinkling the cuff of his dress shirt as he fidgeted. His breathing was shallow and he had panic […]

the Pilot

“How are you doing?” Aiden asked in a whisper. I could barely see the outline of his face on the dark screen. Clearing my throat, I replied quietly, “Pretty much all fine. How’s Hamish?” He couldn’t see the sorrow in my eyes as I thought about what it was like on-world right now. I was […]

Tree Rings & Fire

As I shimmied along the ledge with my bare toes feeling out the best stone, my canvas bag bounced on my knee, tempting the thundering shower of water to soak it. It took a little finesse to get under the falls without getting soaked and not every trip was positive; I used to keep a […]

Just Let Me Say

I sat down on the warm grass, the sun beating down and birds chirping loudly in the trees nearby. I hadn’t been back since the burial. I guess I was waiting for the right time and it was never the right time, even now. How do you tell when you should visit missed loved ones? […]

Community Service

For a creative type, Liz could be organized better than anyone. In the painting room, her corner was carved out with a line of perfectly-scrubbed tile, colour-coordinated materials, and perfectly-trimmed brushes. Even the blank canvas and line of pencils on her easel were neat and every tip sharpened to the correct point. Next to her, […]

After the Crash

The guardrail crumpled out of the way, letting us pass right through. For a moment I could hear the metal itself as though it was the only sound in the universe; this high, whining, tearing sound that hurt my ears. As the broken edges trailed gashes in the side of the car, I threw my […]


“You’re really good at that,” he murmured as I took a swig of water and snapped the cap back on the bottle. Turning to glance at him, I asked, “What?” People tended not to talk to me before, during, or after a set; they had their own shit to deal with, I’m sure, and stroking […]

Unconventional Love

“Do I seriously have to wear this stupid thing?” I shouted at the thick velvet curtain. I was fiddling with corset laces that were clearly meant to be done up by someone else and couldn’t seem to keep my bosom in the front. In the mirror, I could see where the laces were bunching, but […]


I’d been in this kind of office before, sitting in front of a boring desk on an uncomfortable chair, waiting for a guy who had better things to do to arrive. Outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, the city was dark and foreboding; smog drifted between tall buildings and obscured any light from the windows. A small […]

Jane’s Will

I prefer to start stories at the end. Waiting all that time to get that final piece to the puzzle is just so cliche. What if I get halfway through and hate the way the main character is constantly leaning on walls, or that the sidekick is utterly incapable of apologizing for anything even when […]

Wet Socks

Storm clouds boomed like timpani drums and lightning forked above as the ferry moved swiftly, silently across the water. The rain had been slapping the boathouse sideways since we left the mainland and it wasn’t letting up anytime soon. I glanced nervously at the small pile of canvas duffles and heavy metal trunks; we had […]


// TW : torture // “Alright, let’s try it, okay?” she asked, prodding forcefully. I glanced down at the man in the chair with his eyes gleaming and a smile on his lips. Checking my notes, I asked, “Are you sure, Dayton, that you wanna do this? It’s not too late and I won’t be […]

No More Days

The days had begun to blur together with no semblance of a beginning or end. I couldn’t sleep. I mean, I hadn’t made a big effort of it, but I’d shut my eyes a few times; the noise alone would have kept me up. People filed in and out of the barracks at will, children […]


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